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Our goal is to deliver secure, maintainable, scalable, low cost supportive product with exceptional user experience.

{ Software Development / Cloud & DevOps / Consulting / Security }

ASME / Techstreet

Our work for The American Society of Mechanical Engineers includes building a platform for Learning & Development that integrates Learning Management Service, Payment processor, SSO Integration, Tax Calculation Service within one hub that can manage attendees, courses, instructors, subscriptions and more. The infrastructure of this platform meets the PCI Compliance standards.

{ Software Development / DevOps & Cloud / Security }


This product is fully created in our house. Insynctive SaaS is a web platform for HR, Benefits, Payroll administration with Integrated marketplace with numerous API integrations for Payroll, Healthcare, Background check and Time tracking providers. Our team architected infrastructure that meets both HIPAA and SOC 2 requirements for the client needs.

{ Software development }


Our project for Wristbanditz is Sync service that communicates with an API to sync online data to local machines for offline usage with the IntuiFace interface. We are proud that our Sync service have been used on ATP tournaments and Dreamhack events.

{ Software development / DevOps }


For our client Hedgetrade, we have created web platform with RESTful services that runs on the blockchain.

{ Software development }


The team is working on developing new features as integrated marketplace, networking capability, payment gateway, synchronisation with Azure AD and Google Workspace. The code is written in Angular and Node with Typescript, using Postgre DB and hosted on GCP.

{ Software development / DevOps }

HSC Nord

The team migrated the software from IONOS to AWS by providing CI/CD Pipelines. Besides the DevOps task, the team is heavily involved in optimisation of the software and developing new features. The project uses Angular, Java Spring, MySQL and Elasticsearch.

{ Software development }


We are building an API written in Node with Typescript using Postgre and hosted on AWS which is functioning as the backend for an Slack application.

{ Software development / DevOps & Cloud / Security }

our product

Couch Potato

Couch Potato is our product which is still in progress. It's purpose is matching people who want to do the same thing at the same time and same location.

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